I'm back. again.

so, you know the timehop app?
well i have it.
and you can connect blogger to it.
and it shows me all these blog posts from the past.
some of the posts, I'm like uhhh why did i post that?
but mostly, i love looking back and reading about what i used to do.
i especially love timehop now because quinn is finally making her presence!
so, point of the story is, i think I'm gonna try to blog more again.
and take more pictures.
so i can keep looking at old blog posts and remember this time in our lives.
its been a solid 6 months since i've written anything, 
so i'm not gonna go try to play catch up (or maybe i will - who knows)
but for this post, I'm just gonna scrounge up some recent(ish) 
pictures from my phone and go from there.
progress, people.

okay, i lied, i started looking at pictures and i am going all the way back to december 
which is when i stopped writing last.
i'll try not to do too many. but i make no promises. 
its my blog and one day I might want to look at 800 pictures of Quinn wearing the same outfit.
and probably 98% of the pictures will be of quinn, but thats what i do all day, 
is hangout with her.

family pictures december 2015

cameron was loving doing her hair.

i love this picture of her.

one of those days, ya know?

i miss when she was immobile and just sat there all peaceful with a pacifier.
one day she just stopped taking it! (not complaining btw)

her first time in the swing. the smile didn't last that long, haha.

her leg rolls in this picture are so good.

i always want to remember her red combover and how she sits in her high chair.

rainy day with friends
(back when she actually kept her bows on - nothing is allowed to touch her head these days)

cameron and i went to mexico mid-semester, and its was the perfect break 

9 month check up. 

she loves lucy so much. 

us on valentines day.

more family pictures. 

one of our many bike rides. 

mexico sunset 

her first time swimming. she wasn't so sure at first.

all. the. time.

can you tell she loves me? 

aimee got married, and we were all able to be there!

boise river

11 months old

refuses to sit still (not just in the cart either)

i always find her with her clothes halfway off. 

she was getting her molars and had a cough, and her cough kept waking her up, 
so she never slept, but she was SOO tired. terrible cycle. she looks half dead here. 

she LOVES playing at quinn's pond (it really is called quinns pond)

her first bubble bath 

i took this on snapchat, but i love it.

we have a pass to the zoo, so we go a lot. quinn loves it! 

sharing her first bite of cake.
(that night she threw up all night. NOT fun.)

i always want to remember her red curly hair and blue blue eyes.

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