Zions national park

this past weekend, we dropped quinn off with camerons family,
packed our bags and headed south.
on our drive down, we managed to blow one of our tires, broke it while trying to fix it,
needed to be towed, and had to pay a lot of money.
we pulled up into salt like right around 7:15 pm.
my siblings and i had been planning on going to the keith urban concert that night for a while.
cameron didn't have a ticket cause he wasn't planning on coming with me when we got the tickets.
so he dropped me off and headed down to orem.
i met up with britt, taylor and tanner and enjoyed every minute of myself.
if you follow me on snapchat, you probably saw all of my annoying snaps.
keith was so good. i could watch him again and again. everyday.
we didn't get to bed until about 1:30 am, then 2 hours later, we woke up and drove down to zions.
it was PACKED. like, i have never seen that place so dang busy.
and it was deathly hot.
we were planning on hiking angels landing, but decided not to because of the heat.
so we basically stayed in any form of water the whole time we were there.
it was a fun, hot, tiring, adventurous weekend.

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