newborn pictures of my not-so-newborn anymore

we got quinn's newborn pictures back. i love them.
thank you courtney!!!
we actually got them a bit ago, but both of us have computers with no CD drive 
and i didn't realize until i got the CD that i had no way of looking at them,
so i had to go get them transferred to a jump drive.
she was about 2 and a half weeks in these pictures. 
she's 8 weeks now. HOOOWWW??? 
She is growing so fast (i know i say that every post)
but she is acting so much older too. and i love it.
she isn't sleeping ALL day anymore.
usually 1-2 longer naps a day and 1-2 shorter naps.
lately, she has been sleeping really well at night. from 11-5:30ish. 
i love seeing her grow up. she has such a fun little personality.
she loves loves her tongue. she plays with it all the time.
 if we stick our tongue out at her, she will smile and stick hers out too.
she loves her baths. she loves the warm water being poured on her and loves splashing the water.
its so funny.
she is so alert! she loves opening her eyes and looking around.
and her legs are so strong. 
i think she will start walking before she rolls over
we're not very good at remembering tummy time. 
and now for some beautiful pictures.

Look at those precious back rolls. 

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