Q girl was blessed

well i officially have been MIA and have no excuse for it
seeing that I'm usually at home most of the time with Q girl.
its been almost 2 months since I've written.
so lets play some catch up.

i can't believe we've been here almost 3 months
which means quinn is almost 4 months. (WHAT?)
and that the semester is already halfway over. (WHAT?)
some of the weeks fly by, and some of them drag on.
though i feel like most of them are flying by lately.

we are liking moscow a lot and i am kind of officially
trying to think of ways to convince cameron to let us stay here for all 3 years.
nah, i would really be fine with staying or going to boise.

I looked at the calendar today and realized that halloween is this month
and i still need to find costumes for us
(and by the way there is not a single cornmaze within 2 hours of this place. WHHYYYY??)
and that thanksgiving is next month.
let me say it again. CHRISTMAS IS IN 2 MONTHS.
i love this time of year. and i love that CHRISTMAS IS IN 2 MONTHS. (okay i'll stop)
i think i am just really excited because cameron gets almost a whole month off of school
so we get to go see our families and he gets a nice break from school.
and i just love christmas, lets be honest.

the real reason why we all came here. to my blog that is.
the title.
our quinny girl was blessed last month while we were in boise.
we headed down for chandler and collettes reception
and blessed her while we were there. 
it was a fun weekend
with too many things to do, not enough time, and too much driving.
we love this girl of ours.

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