washington trip

I'm warning you all. this post is going to be long. 
because it was too fun. 
after being here in moscow for about a week,
we took off and headed over to washington.
we met my family in mt vernon for a few days.
it was the perfect little getaway before cameron starts school.
the drive there.. was not so perfect. 
long story short =
what was supposed to be a 5.5 hour drive turned into a 12 hour drive
courtesy of some lovely traffic (3 hours worth!) 
and some car troubles (getting locked IN our car - don't ask)
but we finally arrived around 11:30 pm. and boy did it feel good.

it was such a relaxing few days.
we just lounged around.
went canoeing.
and kayaking.
and tubing.
and wakeboarding.
and to some really cool lookout points.
ate delicious ice cream.
eating every meal on the deck overlooking the lake.
walked around cute little towns.
ate as many things huckleberry as we could because they are that good.
and played games.
and cheated.
because whats a game without cheating? not fun.
i wish we could have stayed longer.
oh, and not getting ready.
yep, you heard it here first folks.
not getting ready. including showering. 
cameron and i didn't even shower.
and I'm not even embarrassed about it.

now for an endless supply of pictures.