hey britt thanks for the idea.
im totes copying you.
just today for now. but maybe in the future too.
i chose numbers at random. myself though.

so basically im copycatting my sister today.
cause she's SAH KEWL.
i mean look how kewl she is.
love you :)

choosing one pic at random from my library.
puttin it on here and telling about it.

i would blog about something interesting, but my life is currently occupied by un-interesting events.

so here we are..
and what do you know.
here she is again.

yeah i know i look good.
this was when we last celebrated mom & dads birthday!
their birthdays are like a week apart so we always celebrate them together.
sadly, my parents are getting like REALLY old so i wont say how old they turned.
kidding guys. i know you're not even 30 yet.
i love me some family time.
cant wait to have some.

alright well sorry that was boring.

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  1. You ToTaLLy RoCK My WoRLD!!! and don't tell but you're the BeST SiSTeR eVER!! LoVeS!