dont worry. im a happy camper.
today was great, even though im kinda exhausted.
i got up and made me and little leah some pancakes.
yes im a cook, okay.

baby woke up, so we ate our food.
then we just kinda hung out for a bit.
it was our last day to play with other nanny terry and little katelyn.
so we went to PRETEND CITY.
this is a kids museum. but im telling you, its so cool.
even i loved it.
if you are ever in irvine, or anywhere by it.. GO!

its like an actual city. miniaturized.
you can fake buy things at a fake grocery store.
you can get fake money with a fake credit card out of a fake atm.
you drive fake cars around the fake streets.
you put on a fake show on a fake stage.
its SO rad.

anywho, after that we ate our lunch and came home.
mama got home early to say bye to terry and katelyn.
we put baby down for a nap.

i had my free time.
i sat in my bed for like 2 hours.
skyping my most favorite people ever.
i love skype.
especially now that im 4 million miles from people.

cute mama brought me in a plate of dinner while i was skyping.
shes a sweetheart.

i got all finished and i helped pack a few things.
hung out with mama and baby and now im off to bed.
ps. tomorrow we move. i can finally settle my stuff into place.

oh and i wanna give a special shout out to my sister brittany!!
she is da bomb. HAPPY BIRTHDAY britt! love you :)
so many good times.
i hope it is the best and have a yummy dinner tomorrow!

from THIS. to THIS.


  1. oh goody...I hate to see a sad little girl :( Happy moving today!!!

  2. ps when i come over there, we are going back to that place! haha